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How do I sell Jewelry?

Are you looking to find out who buys gold jewelry for the best price? You’ve come to the right place. As a local, family-operated coin and gold shop, we are one of the leading jewelry buyers in the area. We pay cash on the spot for gold and silver jewelry and fine gems.

Our coin shop is in Lake in the Hills, IL (Randall Rd. and Route 47).

Whether you have antique, modern, unwanted, or even broken jewelry, selling jewelry for cash is very easy to do.

Retail Location

9465 Ackman Rd.
Lake in the Hills, IL 60156

is my Old Jewelry worth money?

Yes, your old jewelry may be worth a lot of money! The only way to know for sure is to get it appraised from a local expert you can trust! We would be happy to look at your hidden gems from your attic, inheritance, or long-forgotten closet. Here are some of the types of jewelry that we buy.

  • Gold necklaces and gold
  • chains
  • Gold rings
  • Gold bracelets
  • Gold earrings
  • Gold brooches and pins
  • Gold cufflinks
  • Sterling silver necklaces
  • and sterling silver chains
  • Sterling silver rings
  • Sterling silver bracelets
  • Sterling silver brooches and pins
  • Pocket watches
  • Watches with gold bands
  • Engagement rings
  • Wedding rings
  • Diamonds
  • Antique jewelry
  • Vintage jewelry
  • Estate jewelry

Can I send you Pictures of My Jewelry?

Yes! We can’t guarantee we will have enough information to give you an accurate quote, but if you would like us to take a look, please send us an email with pictures to give us an idea of what you have.  Send Your Jewelry Pictures here.

Tips for selling Used jewelry to dealers

Looking to find out who buys gold jewelry for the best price?   You’ve come to the right place.  As a local, family-operated coin and gold shop, we are one of the leading jewelry buyers in the area. We pay cash on the spot for gold and silver jewelry, and find gems. 

Our coin shop is located in Lake in the Hills, IL (in between Randall Rd. and Route 47).

Whether you have antique, modern, unwanted, or even broken jewelry, selling jewelry for cash is actually quite easy to do.  

  • For the fastest appraisal of your jewelry, untangle items, if you can. Otherwise, it may take longer for the jewelry buyer you are working with to do that for you. Untangling your necklaces won’t affect your price, but it can take you longer at the coin shop. Appraisers weigh all items with different gold purity separately, so keeping things separate will save you time in the shop.  

  • Be mentally prepared not to receive the value you paid a jewelry store for these items. Jewelry is a highly marked-up item due to their beauty. Sometimes, there is an emotional attachment that makes a piece seem more valuable. (such as a wedding ring or other gift).
  • Be prepared that your former jewelry appraisal will help the jewelry buyer identify the jewelry you have in hand and be especially helpful for unique items or diamonds. Still, it absolutely will not be the value you receive to sell used jewelry.

  • Finally, be aware of the precious metals spot price of the jewelry you wish to sell. No matter where you sell old jewelry, the jewelry buyer will ultimately take the spot price as a method used to calculate your jewelry value.

    We use kitco.com (see all precious metals). When working with Hertel’s Coins to sell used jewelry, we’ll inform you of the spot price, so you informed. Not all places that buy jewelry will provide you that courtesy.

20 Years Experience

Why Us?

As an authorized coin dealer for PCGS, NGC, PMG & CAC we are a submission center for coin grading coins & notes.

Hertel’s Coin Shop buys coins and sells coins. Sell your coins with confidence to an experienced and reputable coin dealer. We will appraise old coins from one coin to an extensive coin collection. Sell coins with confidence to vetted experts who are authorized coin dealers by these major coin grading companies. Hertel’s Coins appraises coins, buys coins & sells coins. Let us appraise your estate jewelry and coin collections.

What our customers are saying...

Cristin Evans
Cristin Evans
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Highly recommend! Shaun and Brandy came out to our house to give us an appraisal. We did a great deal of research ahead of time and contacted several shops. I immediately felt comfortable during the initial phone conversation and within minutes of being in our home felt like we were talking to old friends. Shaun was incredibly thorough and based on our research the price he offered was very fair! Thankful we found Hertels!
Tonya Jenkins
Tonya Jenkins
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Best coin dealer in the area! Appraisal of my inherited coin collection was simple and fast. They explained to me not only coin values but also shared some history about a few of the coins. I would do business again with them and highly recommend this coin shop!
Chris Prescott
Chris Prescott
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I definitely recommend this place and will be a repeat customer. Saturday 3/14 was my first time buying silver and I had several questions for Shaun and his wife. They both took the time to answer my questions and helped make recommendations based on the long term strategy I am looking to achieve.
Jon Stosky
Jon Stosky
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Shaun and Brandy, thanks for taking the time to go over my father's coin collection with me. Shaun, I really appreciate you sharing your historical knowledge regarding the type of U.S. coins I had and of course the free appraisal. Brandy, my wife enjoyed speaking with you as well, we felt welcomed as if we knew you both for years! We know we received a good price for our coin collection! Should we ever have a need in the future, we'll definitely work with you!
Dani Divine
Dani Divine
Read More
I went in with some coins & cards. Very clean place and he was very knowledgeable & offered me, what I believe to have been a fair price. Thank you for being reliable & kind.

How does selling jewelry work?

Our jewelry appraisal and buying process is simple.  Our appraisals are friendly, upfront,  and pressure-free.

  1. Make an appointment by phone, or stop in during business hours for a jewelry appraisal. (Appointments are not required for some quick 15-minute appraisals. )

  2. We will review all items, weigh them, and identify metal purity to provide you with an offer to buy your jewelry.

  3. You can sell your jewelry for cash on the spot!

Hertel’s Coins knows that you can work with many local jewelry buyers. We assure you that you will walk away with knowledge when working with us and be treated with courtesy and respect every time. As an area leading jewelry buyer at our coin shop, we strive to ensure each customer is a repeat customer!

When you sell jewelry for cash at Hertel’s Coins & Gold shop, you can feel confident that we conducted the transaction fairly. We hope to become your go-to, best place to sell jewelry in the future!

If you have estate jewelry or inherited jewelry, we can also provide a written appraisal expressing the jewelry collection value. Contact us to learn more about this service. We work with a lot of families in inheritance situations that need special attention. If you are working with others, we can issue separate checks to each party.

Retail Location

9465 Ackman Rd.
Lake in the Hills, IL 60156

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