A Unique Gift Idea for this Holiday Season

It’s that time of year when, if you are like me, you start thinking about gift giving. Perhaps you are not like me, didn’t procrastinate and have 75% of your shopping done? Either way, if you find yourself stumped with at least one person on your shopping list, read on. Whether you shop early or late, some of us value the giving of gifts more than receiving, and we want to ensure our gifts are well received by our loved ones. You sit down with your pen and paper (or your laptop) and make your list of family and friends you plan to buy for, and set out some type of budget (most of the time) for this endeavor. Creating the list, well, that’s the easy part!

On to selections…clearly this is the most challenging part of this process for a well-intended gift giver! There are easy recipients like Grandma (fuzzy robe and slipper set), and Dad (an annual addition of a new club for his golf set) Check the box! Done! Now, on to the more challenging family members on the gift giving list who a) never share a list or b) never give us clues to what potentially would be on their list or c) the dreaded recipient category “the one who already has everything already” relative.

Whether these challenging “blanks” on your shopping list are a, b, or c (above), what gift could be unique so that it’s not a duplicate of another gift, reasonably priced to avoid overspending, never goes out of style (yay!) and to top it off has potential to increase in value over time?  GOLD & SILVER.

I’m reading your mind…are you thinking Gold or Silver is an expensive gift? Did you know that a 1 oz. pure silver coin can be purchased as low as $15 each?

With that said, how about younger family members?  Many of us thoughtful gift givers want to share a little wisdom or take the opportunity to educate a younger niece or nephew when gifting.  Not only is gold or silver valuable (and shiny!) but it won’t expire like a gift card or require it be spent (burning a hole in one’s pocket). Gold and silver coins or gold and silver bars have the potential to increase in value and may even inspire a younger gift recipient to learn about investment options.  What gift card can provide that?

Hertel’s Coins stocks a supply of gold and silver coins and bars for all types of budgets. We recommend the 2018 Silver Eagle, 1 oz. pure silver coin with a holiday coin holder.

P.S. Don’t forget the Christmas Grab Bag!  This gift fits right into most grab bag budgets, be it with family or at the office. A 1 oz. pure silver coin can be priced as low as $15-$25 each (market fluctuates daily).

by Brandy Evans


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